Find Out The Facts: Seeds Canada

Seeds Canada will bring together seed growers, developers, distributors, processors, analysts, and other stakeholders under a single organization, which will help build a more successful, modern, prosperous, and resilient seed value-chain.

Unfortunately, misinformation is circulating about Seeds Canada. Here are the facts:

  1. We are finding smarter, better ways to deliver member and client services – without increasing fees.
  2. Bringing four organizations together puts us in a stronger financial position.
  3. Seeds Canada members pay for their exclusive services, but you don’t need to be a member to access client services, which are operated on a cost recovery basis.
  4. Seeds Canada will be a member-driven organization and all members will have an equal voice, regardless of the size of their business.
  5. The Seeds Canada amalgamation will not impact seed crop certification.

Seeds Canada is committed to transparency. The information on finances, governance and membership structure can all be viewed on this website.